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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Contoh teks deskripsi bahasa inggris tentang fenomena alam

     Hai temen- temen, pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan memberikan informasi mengenai contoh teks deskripsi bahasa inggris tentang fenomena alam. Oke langsung disimak ya..

Contoh teks 1


       Almost everyone very likes a natural phenomenon called the rainbow. To the extent that a lot of people create an art work like song, cake, and the other work after seeing the beautiful colors of the rainbow. But, do you know how the phenomenon of the appearance of the rainbow happens?

       Rainbow occurs because of the refraction of light. The sunlight that shines in between the rain drops is refracted by the rain drops. This process separates the white light of the sunlight into a spectrum of different colors.

       The spectrum of colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Or what we often memorize as the abbreviation "ROY G BIV / mejikuhibiniu.” Then the colors reflect in the back drops of rain, resulting the light which looks arched and becomes the rainbow.

Contoh teks 2


       A geyser is the result of underground water under the combined conditions of high temperatures and increased pressure beneath the surface of the earth. Since temperature rises approximately 1 F for every sixty feet under the earth's surface, and pressure increases with depth, the water that seeps down in crack and fissures until it reaches very hot rock in the earth interior becomes heated to temperature in excess of 290 F. Because of the greater pressure, the water shoots out of the surface in the form of steam and hot water. The result is a geyser. In order to function, then a geyser must have a source of heat, reservoir where water can be stored until the temperature rises to an unstable point, an opening through which the hot water and steam can escape, and underground channels for resupplying water after an eruption.

       Favorable conditions for geyser exist in some regions of the world including New Zealand, Iceland, and the Yellowstone National Park area of the United States. The most famous geyser in the world is Old Faithfull in Yellow Park. Old Faithfull erupts almost every hour, rising to a height of 125 to 170 feet and expelling more than ten thousand gallons during each eruption.

       Oke temen - temen, itulah tadi artikel mengenai Contoh teks deskripsi bahasa inggris tentang fenomena alam. Terimakasih sudah berkunjung, semoga bermanfaat..

Salam sobat Indonesia!

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